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Candice Lynn Potter wiki is a free online encyclopedia that is dedicated to exposing the cyberbully peadophile Joshua Conner Moon and his racist hate website Kiwi Farms.

Kiwi Farms is known to dox and harass innocent people and their families. It is notorious for posting deliberate lies to damage peoples lives and online reputations. It is only fair that this wiki was created. A form of justice.

The Candice Lynn Potter wiki is edited by users who have been abused by Joshua and his criminal friends and for those who hate degenerate peadophiles like Joshua. If you are a victim of Kiwi Farms, sign up and help us expose these peadophile scumbags.

Any questions or if you have information about Kiwi Farms members, contact us at candicelynnpotter AT Articles of interest

   Joshua Conner Moon - The owner of Kiwi Farms. A pedophile and racist who posted he watches child porn on his computer, wants to genocide Muslims and rape and mutilate a teenage girl. Moon targets disabled people, ethnic minorities or those with a notable internet presence and makes up lies to discredit them. He has a long history of doxxing and slandering innocent people online. 
   Candice Lynn Potter - The mother of Joshua. Was a member of Kiwi Farms and financially supports Joshua and his cyberbully website. 
   Joshua Conner Moon Family Members - The details of his family members.
   Jaime Cassidy - Moderator at Kiwi Farms and friend of pedophile Joshua Conner Moon.
   Feline Darkmage - Moderator at Kiwi Farms, pedophile and transvestite who has an interest in posting obscene pictures of "dickgirls".
   Connor Evans - Pedophile, Kiwi Farms member, friend of Joshua. Admin at Encyclopedia Dramatica. Posted on his twitter that he likes to "wank" over 7 year old children. 
   GethN7 - Kiwi Farms member who has personally funded Joshua. Hentai porn addict, pedophile supporter. Religious nut who pretends to be a Christian despite abusing innocent people on the internet for years.
   Brent Laabs‎‎ - Supporter of Kiwi Farms, associates himself with cyber criminals and pedophiles. Is a friend of Connor Evans and GethN7 who he made sysops on his website All the Tropes wiki. 
   Mikemikev - Neo-Nazi, racist, pedophile, Kiwi Farms member. He wrote that he finds 14 or 15 year old children sexually attractive despite being 38.
   Rome Viharo - Cyber bully and internet troll who is on friendly terms with Joshua Conner Moon. Has attacked critics of Kiwi Farms.
   Dynastia - Work in progress
   Michael D. Suarez - Serial internet harasser who defames people on Kiwi Farms and Encyclopedia Dramatica where he is an admin, also a pedophile who posted a naked photo of an underage girl.
   David Poole - Serial internet harasser who is associated with GethN7 and Brent Laabs.
   Darwin Watterson - Anonymous internet troll, Kiwi Farms member and admin for their Lolcow Wiki.